[Slackbuilds-users] Corcern about sources' procedence

Al acummingsus at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 10:28:25 UTC 2011

Not to offend.  But to have fun.  If you're serious, then stop reading 
now!!! (except for the command at #3 below **is an actual command**)

By reading any further you waive your rights to any and all seriousness.

Now I'm starting to worry about the amount of electricity consumption 
needed by all of the running boxes that I've deemed necessary just for 
me to remain secure (if y'all read that far along down below, that is)

<grin> 1. build only on a certain machine that this machine is at least 
somewhat if not more so quarantined/isolated.

<grin> I'm a good guy in a white hat.  And another or #2 part of my good 
guy bag of goodies is the "scan your lan" technique/tool/appoach (tta 
for short).

<grin>  2. scan your network regularly.  Scan it with Perl.  Scan it 
with Wireshark.  Also, scan it with the various other utilities as 
well.  Just scan that lan at all hours as well as at irregular hours.  
<grin> we're scan/watching for something new activity/protocol.  So, 
uniq and diff those results regularly too.  But, BTW, be sure to do so 
with an uncompromised uniq and diff.

<grin> To "scan your lan"  Use the various different security/forensic 
distros that exist on live cd.  Also, to do the scans: do so from an 
OpenBSD box and a NetBSD box and a FreeBSD  box and a Slackware box and 
a Debian box and a CentOS box and a RedHat box if you are able to afford 
that last one.

# finds new(ly) (software installed) files
find / -xdev -ctime -1

As root, redirect that command to a file before installing a package.  
<grin> so that after a removepkg you can insure there's no files 

4. _________fill___in___the___blank_________

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