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Niklas "Nille" Åkerström nille.kungen at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 12:18:21 UTC 2011

I upgraded my avidemux.SlackBuild (2.5.5) but now i think that i should
split it into avidemux and avidemux-plugins.
The pros of 2 packages is that it would be easier to upgrade and handle
media support since the support is only in avidemux-plugins.
Avidemux has internal libavcodec and that support isn't touched by plugins
But external codecs would be in the avidemux-plugins which makes it easier
to add, remove or upgrade the media support.
That would move the external dependencies from avidemux to avidemux-plugins.
So upgrading x264 wouldn't need to recompile all of avidemux as of today,
instead you would only need to recompile avidemux-plugins thats is smaller
and allot faster.

Now i only did an fast read up on this but this is as i understand that it

So do you agree that it would be better to split it into 2 packages?
Btw avidemux and avidemux-plugins is in the same tarball if you wonder about

Best regards Nille
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