[Slackbuilds-users] How do I update a submission when submission are closed?

Jack Maddox jackmaddox at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 14:47:44 UTC 2011

Please forgive me if this has been addressed elsewhere and I missed it.

I submitted a slackbuild for a new package a while back and it is still in the
pending queue.  However, since then, an update has been released by upstream,
which I have incorporated into the slackbuild.  My understanding of the
preferred method for updating my submission is to delete the submission using
the code that I received in the confirmation email and then resubmit the
updated version.

I attempted to do this but I had two problems.  After I followed the link to
delete the previous submission, I realized that submissions are closed.  So,
therefore I can't submit the updated version.  Also, it appears that my old
package is still in the pending queue even though I tried to delete it (maybe
I had a typo?).

Since I am planning on submitting the updated script once submission are
reopened, I wouldn't want the administrators to have to needlessly review my
script twice.  Should I just wait until things get caught up and then

The submission in question is the sage mathematics program.  The upstream
update is from version 4.6.2 to 4.7.  The slackbuild submission is sage.tar.gz


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