[Slackbuilds-users] Opera Widgets

markus reichelt ml at mareichelt.com
Wed Jun 15 20:46:23 UTC 2011


I maintain the Opera SlackBuild @ SBo.

Are there any users of "my" Opera.SlackBuild that also use Opera
Widgets? If so, please tell me:

a) Did you encounter any problems, had to apply kludges in order for
things to work? If so, please explain.

b) Do you use Opera Widgets on a daily basis? If so, which ones?

c) Do you have any feedback with regard to Opera Widgets?

Please reply to slackbuilds-users at slackbuilds.org, or to me directly
if you are not subscribed to that list. I am in contact with someone
from Opera, and want to make use of this chance. 

Reason I'm asking: I do not use Opera Widgets myself, at all. The
more input the better. Thanks :)

left blank, right bald
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