[Slackbuilds-users] Graphviz Build Error

Slacker build user slacker at slaphappygeeks.com
Thu Jun 16 23:31:08 UTC 2011

Rich Shepard wrote:
>   Well, since I've not had success building graphviz on earlier releases
> either I don't know that I really need it. It looks potentially useful, but
> I have no experience with it. It can wait and I won't miss what I don't
> know. :-)

I wish I could help - but no 64 bit access at the moment... I have Graphviz only 
on a couple of 12.1 boxes right now.

On the other hand, I have used Graphviz quite a bit for several years and do in 
fact find it very useful. I would encourage you to grit your teeth and get it 
running - it is worth some effort, and then you will know what you might have 

If I get access to a 64 bit build platform I'll try to build it an post back to 
the list.


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