[Slackbuilds-users] GoogleEarth Won't Start

Patrick J. Volkerding volkerdi at slackware.com
Thu Jun 16 23:36:33 UTC 2011

On 06/16/2011 04:09 PM, David Spencer wrote:
> 2) Google Earth 6 is "LSB compliant" meaning it was built on a LSB system.
>     Slackware however does not have that symlink which is part of the LSB 3.0
>     specification. You'll need to create the symlink manually after installing
>     the package:
>              ln -sf /lib/ld-linux.so.2 /lib/ld-lsb.so.3
> Yes, it's the Google Earth team being silly.
> -D.

Something important finally used the LSD, I mean LSB, and it only took 
15 years!

Is there a list of the usual silly symlinks, or is this the only one 
that anything is likely to use so far?  I mean, as long as there's no 
matching .so it would be used at runtime only, so I don't see any 
obvious harm in supplying those in Slackware.


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