[Slackbuilds-users] How to get source hostet?

Chris chrisretusn at bluehome.net
Tue Jun 28 05:31:15 UTC 2011

  <ozan.turkyilmaz at gmail.com> wrote:
> First don't top post

OK, have it your way. Not that it make any difference. 

> SlackBuilds is SBo do not donwload anything. Sources should be simply
> ifentified in .info file with a direct download link (but that's not
> posible always like TrueCrypto) with md5sums of the download sources,
> SlackBuilds build packages automaticly. Their duty  is not downloading
> source nor checking md5sums.

I read the Submission Guidelines at Slackbuilds.org. I saw nothing there that disallows this. I do understand this should not be the norm, but in this case the the source is only hosted by svn, to get it you must check it out. I suppose one could provide instructions on how to checkout the source and then make a tarball out of it. Even automate it with a script and add it as part of the Slackbuild tarball. 

I suppose a case could be made "Follow our template scripts as much as possible. Deviations are fine where needed, but don't change things to be "more clever" or some such - we like consistency"; however, this is not an attempt at being clever. It is a practical solution IMHAO.

Since I am directly checking out the source an md5sum would not be needed as there is no tarball to verify. That is what the checksum is for, verifying the source tarball, correct. 

It's not really big deal to me, host it as a tarball somewhere or check it out from svn; either way, it's not hosted on SlackBuilds.org. 

I only offered a suggestion (how I would do it). At least your second answer was a wee bit better than your first. Thanks. 

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