[Slackbuilds-users] [ANNOUNCE]: Slackware 13.37 rc1 and SBo

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Wed Mar 16 02:07:28 UTC 2011

On Tue, 15 Mar 2011 21:57:09 -0400
Ben Mendis <dragonwisard at gmail.com> wrote:

> Also, I had always assumed that the BUILD number represented the
> package build and not the SlackBuild revision. Eg, if Pat were to
> rebuild a package against a new library using the same SlackBuild,
> wouldn't he bump the BUILD of that package in the tree? But I guess
> SBo is doing it differently since they host SlackBuilds and not
> packages.

Bingo.  BUILD for *us* is something that we increment when changes
on our end would result in changes to the resulting package.  For
example, if we make edits to README, we would not increment BUILD,
while modification of an installed config file would result in a
BUILD increment.

However, BUILD for *you* (and other sysadmins) is whatever *you*
want it to be. 

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