[Slackbuilds-users] [13.37] w3m SB fails on x86_64 (dependency missing?)

Grigorios Bouzakis grbzks at xsmail.com
Mon May 9 10:41:22 UTC 2011

Felix Pfeifer wrote:
>>> Can we also get rid of the "You should not use it as your default
>>> browser, it is only here as an optional dependency for SuperCollider."
>>> part of the README please? w3m is a mighty fine browser.
>>> Thanks.
> When i took over maintainance there was no buildscript for it
> since 13.0. It is a fine browser but i personally only use it as
> a dependency and don't care about any security patches as far
> as they aren't necessary for building and running it. If
> you need a secure browser you shouldn't use my script ^^
> I can modify the README, but i feel responsible to inform
> people about the lack of security and my own lack of interest
> in security concerning w3m.
> Anyway i would give up maintainership if someone was interested
> to take over.

OK, i will probably take maintainance then but will let you know for
sure in a couple of days. In order to avoid creating uneeded traffic
here i will contact you directly to let you know and upload an updated
script right after that.

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