[Slackbuilds-users] SMPlayer desktop file

andrew andrew at andrews-corner.org
Sun May 22 23:09:56 UTC 2011


There is a small problem with the 2 desktop files for the SMPlayer
source. In the source smplayer.desktop and smplayer_enqueue.desktop
carry the commands:

Exec=smplayer %U
Exec=smplayer -add-to-playlist %U

respectively, which is I believe technically correct but has the
effect of failing to load files with spaces in their names and
unpredictably failing with other files as well when opened with right
mouse click and "Open with..." option or "Enqueue with..." option.
This can be fixed by altering the .desktop files to the following:

Exec=smplayer %f
Exec=smplayer -add-to-playlist %f

which is technically not correct but fixes the problem. Upstream
developer has been more than a little quiet for a while so perhaps it
would be worthwhile patching the source? I personally have simply made
the changes to .desktop files in $HOME/.local/share/applications but a
more definitive change would be nice :).

I have not cc'd the maintainer as I know Erik follows this mailing


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