[Slackbuilds-users] Grip and Grip2 build same version

B Watson yalhcru at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 10:57:12 UTC 2011

On 9/4/11, Bob Snyder <bob.snyder at cox.net> wrote:

> My impression is that the 'current' version of grip (3.x) is (was)
> called grip, and the older non-gnome version was called grip2 because it
> is Version 2.x.

So far, there's never been a grip 3.x on slackbuilds.org.

Originally, "grip" was grip 2.x, same version as grip2 is now. I was
asked to rename "grip" to "grip2" so that someone else could submit a
build for the 3.x one, which was going to just be called "grip".

> The README for grip2 agrees with this notion where it
> says "This is an older version of Grip that does not require GNOME. If
> you're looking for a modern version of Grip, see the package "grip""

Right, when I wrote that README, I was under the impression that someone
was going to be submitting the 3.x version (as "grip") within the next few
days after I submitted grip2. Apparently nobody actually did it though.

I won't be submitting grip 3.x as I have no interest in messing with
all the gnome stuff required to make it work, and because 2.x works just
fine for my needs.

So, if you wanted to, you could write the SlackBuild for grip 3.x and
submit it... If nobody's going to do this any time soon, I'll edit
my README so it stops pretending there's a 3.x package where there
clearly isn't.

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