[Slackbuilds-users] Making a build that converts and mixes a .deb package

Black Rider black_rider at esdebian.org
Mon Sep 12 20:39:49 UTC 2011


I am thinking about creating a SlackBuild for Kobo Deluxe (space
shooting game) in the same fashion it was done in order to create the
PorteusBuild attached to this message.

As you can see, what this PorteusBuild does is to take two .deb
packages (Kobo and Kobo-data), mix them and compress the whole
thing as a single package. It works on Porteus and under Slackware too
(yeah, it took two days to beat the last level!)

Now, if I upload the build-pack, I will have to set a source for
Kobodeluxe x86 and Kobodeluxe x86_64. Kobodeluxe-data is, however,
architecture agnostic. I had thought about uploading kobodeluxe-data
inside the SlackBuild tarball, but I guess that would be unacceptable.
I have thought too about modifying the script so it downloads
kobodeluxe-data from a remote file server, but I really dislike the idea
(I want scripts to be as Internet agnostic as possible).

Before you come with a bright idea: last time I tried to compile Kobo
from source, I got a failure. There was a bug that prevented Kobo from
compiling in certain versions of GCC, I think.

Is there any acceptable way I could take to use these three packages
(Kobodeluxe x86/x86_64 and Kobodeluxe-data) for combining in a
single .tgz and stay compilant with SlackBuilds.org's policies? I don't
like the idea of making two separated build scripts, as I see this
stupid (you don't really need a SlackBuid script to convert two .debs
and install them, right?)

For those who want to try, the original PorteusBuild (which can be
adapted easily to Slackware by just removing some lines) is here:

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