[Slackbuilds-users] Flash: Broken link

Al acummingsus at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 04:14:49 UTC 2011

Ottavio wrote:
> On 20 September 2011 23:21, Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejer
> <mjjzf at syntaktisk.dk> wrote:
>> Seems the Flash download link is broken on
>> http://slackbuilds.org/repository/13.37/multimedia/flash-player-plugin/
> <snip>
> is there really a need for a slackbuild to install the flash plugin?
> All one has to do is to unpack the file and copy the libflashplayer.so
> to /usr/lib[64]/firefox-[version]/plugins/ (I think)?



unless it's very recently changed.  I've copied the flash plugin to 
there (and, BTW, I've found that to do so, it works).  But then a

removepkg flashplayer

does nothing.  (instead, you must go to the folder and remove the 

So, **it depends upon what you want** (as to a whether or not a slack 
pkg is needed).

Go slackbuilds admins and contributors and thank you very much for the 
super fine, excellent job that all of you do.

It's on my wish list that when I get enough time that I'd then 
sufficiently learn the slackbuild.whatever_app script


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