[Slackbuilds-users] system/irqbalance

LukenShiro lukenshiro at ngi.it
Tue Aug 14 13:20:42 UTC 2012

Hi all!

SBo version of this package is somehow old (2006), even if it builds
without problem on -current.
Original SBo maintainer (Yalla-one) on 30th december 2010 said he had no
time to maintain his SlackBuilds (irqbalance included).

AFAIK, for the time being, nobody has stepped up to take over its
maintenance (it seems orphaned to me), so I wish to do it myself.
Any objections?
TIA. Regards.

GNU/Linux * Slackware64 current
LU #210970 SU #12583 LM #98222/#412913

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