[Slackbuilds-users] (some maintainers wanted) My Slackware-14-current (kernel-3.2.27) SlackBuilds compile report

korgman korgie at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 19:52:28 UTC 2012

On 22/08/2012 08:59 μμ, B Watson wrote:
> On 8/22/12, korgman <korgie at gmail.com> wrote:
>> -- not tested yet --
>> audio/guitarix: Maintainer wanted. Not interested, will test in unknown
>> time.
> I use this, I'll maintain it if you don't want it any more.

Yours. I had the impression that you were the maintainer. :)
>> libraries/libinstpatch/libinstpatch: not interested, will fix in unknown
>> time. Any volunteer for maintainer?
>> audio/swami/swami: not interested, will fix in unkown time. Any volunteer
>> for maintainer?
>> multimedia/linuxsampler: fail
>> multimedia/gigedit:  see linuxsampler
>> multimedia/qsampler: see linuxsampler
> I'll take these, too. Linuxsampler 1.0.0 is really old, anyone mind
> if I update it to a recent SVN snapshot? For one thing, 1.0.0 doesn't
> have SFZ support. Linuxsampler is the only Linux audio app that supports
> SFZ, which is pretty much the only reason I use it (for sf2 soundfonts,
> fluidsynth is a lot easier to deal with, and I've never actually found
> a use for linuxsampler's gig format).

All yours. [thank you]

I suppose gig format is good, if you load a good gig file (!). I loaded a piano file (maestro_concert_grand_v2.gig - 1Gbyte) and it was a decent piano emulation. I prefer pianoteq (less loading time) and has better sound with physical modelling (heavy on CPU compared to gig) instead of samples.
> Swami has been on my "learn to use this" list for a long time, it looks
> pretty interesting.

:) Happy that someone uses my secretary (aka: packaging) work :)
>> audio/fst: wanted volunteer to provide me a binary of wine for
>> slack-14-current and compiled with jack support. First compile
>> jack-audio-connectio-kit then wine! My Virtual machine is low on memory to
>> compile wine.
> I might be able to help you with this, if 2GB RAM is enough to compile
> wine (pretty sure it is).

Thank you.

Michales Michaloudes

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