[Slackbuilds-users] Anyone that use libmusicbrainz?

Felix Pfeifer pfeifer.felix at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 29 19:42:52 UTC 2012

Hi korgman,

sry for my late response. (i still have no internet at my new home.)
I had a look at the READMEs and i found this:

root at darkstar:/var/lib/sbopkg/SBo/13.37# grep brainz */*/README
audio/HamsiManager/README:Optional dependencies: python-musicbrainz2
and MySQL-python for more
audio/dcd/README:This requires libmusicbrainz.
audio/kid3/README:This requires libmusicbrainz (2 or 3), libofa,
libtunepimp, and id3lib.
audio/puddletag/README:This requires pyparsing, mutagen, configobj and
audio/rhythmbox/README:vala, avahi, libdmapsharing, and libmusicbrainz
are optional dependencies.
audio/xmms-scrobbler/README:This requires libmusicbrainz.
libraries/libmusicbrainz/README:libmusicbrainz (library for accessing
MusicBrainz servers)
libraries/libmusicbrainz3/README:The libmusicbrainz (also known as
mb_client or MusicBrainz Client Library)
libraries/libmusicbrainz3/README:Note: This is a new library for
libmusicbrainz, which is not backwards
libraries/libtunepimp/README:standardized directory hierarchy.
libmusicbrainz and libtunepimp are used by
libraries/libtunepimp/README:This requires libmusicbrainz and libofa.
multimedia/gnome-mplayer/README:pass "GCONF=YES" to the script.
libmusicbrainz3 is an optional dependency.
multimedia/ripit/README:When using Musicbrainz DB one needs
additionally: WebService::MusicBrainz
python/python-musicbrainz2/README:If you'd like to generate and
install the python-musicbrainz2 API documents,

I guess some other maintainers would appreciate to keep this?


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