[Slackbuilds-users] Updated Xerces-c and Xalan-c Slackbuilds

Slacker build user slacker at slaphappygeeks.com
Sun May 6 05:22:19 UTC 2012

Hello all,

I do not recall sending to the list before, I hope this is the right way to do 
it - please correct me if I am wrong.

I posed the following questions to the maintainer of Xerces-c and Xalan-c about 
a week ago but have not received a response, so I thought I would post it here 
before it fades from memory.

I use both Xerces-c and Xalan-c and have needed to update Xerces-c from 2.8.0 
(the current SBo build) to the 3.x series (currently 3.1.1). The 3.x uses GNU 
automake whereas the 2.x did not, among other things, so that much more than a 
simple version change is required. So I adapted the SBo script.

But, the current Xalan-c release (1.10.0) requires Xerces-c and will not build 
against the 3.x Xerces-c. However, Xalan-c from svn will build against 3.1.1 and 
is the method recommended in most online lists I found.

So, I adapted a slackbuild script to download the latest svn of Xalan-c and 
build it as Xalan-c-1.11.0 (the version appears in the current svn branch).

So, I now have current Xerces-c/Xalan-c build scripts which might be useful to 
others. But the catch is that for those who require an 'official' release 
version of Xalan-c, they must build against Xerces-c-2.8.0, so it seems to me 
that we would not want to replace the existing Xerces-c or Xalan-c scripts on SBo.

My question then is this: Should I submit the new versions under a different 
name such as Xerces-c_3 and Xalan-c-svn with explanation in the README? Or is 
there a better way to handle this? Or should I keep it to myself and just offer 
them to anyone interested? ;-)

Thanks for comments and suggestions.


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