[Slackbuilds-users] Rkhunter - Upstream version updated to 1.4

Black Rider black_rider at esdebian.org
Sat May 12 08:58:52 UTC 2012


Rkhunter, the rootkit detection software, has been recently updated by
upstream developers.

This new version includes more rootkits and a fix for a little
malfunction rkhunter was having after the "file" utility was updated in
the Slackware tree, resulting in an ever happening false warning.

The bug I have referred to was easy to fix, as the original developers
made a patch available long time ago. However, the SlackBuilds.org
version is still suffering it even when it has been already fixed

I report rkhunter 1.4 to package correctly just by changing the VERSION
variable in the build script. I suggest the script maintainer to
upgrade his build.

My GPG keys are available in various keyservers. To retrieve the one
used for signing this mesage, use "gpg --keyserver hkp://keys.gnupg.net
--recv-keys 0x6D0B9F27" under GNU/Linux.

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