[Slackbuilds-users] sbo_tools: A set of tools to deal with TheSlackBuilds.org project

Antonio Hernández Blas hba.nihilismus at gmail.com
Thu May 17 07:33:31 UTC 2012

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 6:31 AM, ABELA Chris <chris.abela at maltats.com> wrote:
> perhaps an appropriate reference to this tool might
> save some users the effort to device a tool to replicate some
> functionalities that have already been implemented and are already freely
> available.

Well, the reason i do not use sbopkg is because of it's dialog-based
functionality, i dislike it (i'm seeing to you slackpkg and slackware
setup/installation too) so i prefer a simple set of tools that make
(mostly) one thing.

>From sbopkg's Features list [1]

Sbopkg will allow the user to:
Create, browse, and search a local copy of the SBo repository for any
supported Slackware version.

* Create: sbo_sync
* Browse: check the commands cd and ls, they do a good job.
* Search: sbo_find nvidia

Read the SBo ChangeLog.txt.

* check the commands cat, less or most... even vi/m, emacs, joe, pico
can help you in that.

Display a list of all SBo packages installed on the user's system.

* sbo_inst "*$TAG" && sbo_inst "*_SBo"

Display potential updates to packages installed from SlackBuilds.org.

* sbo_diff

View the README, SlackBuild, .info, and slack-desc files for each
individual piece of software in the repository.

* once again, check the commands cat, less or most...

Copy the original .info file or SlackBuild for editing.

* check the command cp or why not? event cat.

Automatically download the source code, check the md5sum, and build or
build and install a Slackware package from either the original .info
file and SlackBuild or the locally-edited copies.

* sbo_pkg (mostly)

Batch queue packages for building or building and installing.
Load, save, and use sbopkg queuefiles (.sqf), several of which are
included with the package.

* wtf is that? ;) nah i know what they do but at this moment i'm
trying to figure out how to add this functionality into sbo_tools

View the contents of the cache directory (where source code tarballs
are stored).

* check the command ls

View the permanent build log that is optionally maintained to keep a
record of the entire compilation process.

* sbo_pkg $(sbo_find -e cmus) 2>&1 | tee /tmp/cmus.log

Check for an update to sbopkg itself.

* man git ;)

Take all this as a geek joke... ;)

[1] http://sbopkg.org

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