[Slackbuilds-users] libraries/gtksourceview: Fix several build issues.

Mikko Varri vmj at linuxbox.fi
Tue Sep 11 09:55:10 UTC 2012


In August, I babbled:
> python/pygtksourceview:  gtksourceview 2.x does not seem to compile as
>   is, and pygtksourceview is not compatible with gtksourceview 3.x.  I
>   guess pygtksourceview is legacy stuff anyway: everyone should be
>   switching to pygobject, which does not require separate bindings for
>   each library.  Unless the maintainer of gtksourceview finds a way to
>   make 2.x work, remove the pygtksourceview, please.

I managed to get gtksourceview 2.x to build on both slackware and
slackware64 -current from yesterday.  The required patches are in
'gtksourceview' branch at:


With those patches in, python/pygtksourceview and developent/gedit
SlackBuilds work as is.  So, no need to remove them.  I haven't tried
the other two gtksourceview dependants: development/gnome-inform7 or

Btw, network/w3af claims to depend on pygtksourceview, but the
SlackBuild is not in the checklist and I couldn't find a mention of
pygtksourceview in the w3af docs.  Maybe it doesn't actually depend on


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