[Slackbuilds-users] libraries/gtksourceview: Fix several build issues.

xgizzmo at slackbuilds.org xgizzmo at slackbuilds.org
Wed Sep 12 20:51:36 UTC 2012

> With those patches in, python/pygtksourceview and developent/gedit
> SlackBuilds work as is.  So, no need to remove them.  I haven't tried
> the other two gtksourceview dependants: development/gnome-inform7 or
> office/gummi.
> Btw, network/w3af claims to depend on pygtksourceview, but the
> SlackBuild is not in the checklist and I couldn't find a mention of
> pygtksourceview in the w3af docs.  Maybe it doesn't actually depend on
> it?
> -vmj

Works with gummi. --dsomero

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