[Slackbuilds-users] More 14.0 prep...

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Thu Sep 13 01:59:16 UTC 2012

Aside from what remains on http://slackbuilds.org/Checklist.txt
I think most of the things on our TODO list are done.  Keep the 
patches and git branches coming, though - we're merging them as
we get them :-)

We've still got to make sure the xinitrc scripts for window managers
and such are good enough, but some of those might have to wait until
they're actually tested and found to (not) work.  If you use one of
them and it needs more work with respect to ck-launch-session and/or
dbus-launch, patches would be appreciated.

Also, if you have any daemons that you use, and they require a
subdirectory inside /var/run for pid files and such, please make
sure that either a) the daemon itself creates the /var/run/blah
subdirectory, or b) the init script (rc.blah) creates the subdir
before the daemon is started.  This isn't *critically* important
to get right, at least not for most users, but I suspect that 
there will be others (like me) who decide to make /var/run a
symlink to /run, and since /run is on a tmpfs, any subdirectories
that were created on the last boot will not still be present.

Finally, have a look at the commits since master in my branch of 
the templates repo:
Assuming that's understandable by everyone, I think I'll get that
merged into master pretty soon (and it will branch for 14.0 just
like the slackbuilds repo).

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