[Slackbuilds-users] My stuff in Checklist.txt

B Watson yalhcru at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 16:07:24 UTC 2012

games/sdlmess - Remove. It's outdated and unmaintained, now that the
main MESS source builds on Linux. I'll submit a mess.SlackBuild after
submissions are open again.

misc/cwiid - Someone beat me to it, posted a patch yesterday. Thanks.

audio/sooperlooper - This built fine for me. The only issue was
the REQUIRES line mentioned "libsigc++-legacy", which should be
"libsigc++-legacy12" (patch attached). Is this the only reason it was
in the Checklist?

games/typhoon_2001 - Download URL went away, found a mirrored copy. Other
than the .info file, no changes. Patch attached.

games/skulltag - Can't find anything wrong with this. It's a binary
repackage, so obviously it "builds" fine. The binary runs OK... why was
it in Checklist?

multimedia/nted - Builds fine for me. Any idea why it was in the

audio/wineasio - This builds fine for me once I add the asio.h from
the proprietary ASIO SDK (see the README). Might have just been in
the Checklist because the tester didn't have the time/energy/desire
to register as an official developer with Steinberg. Hint: a couple of
projects with public cvs/svn/etc repos might have accidentally checked
asio.h into their trees...

These needed various fixes to get them to build:


In a couple cases, I updated to newer versions rather than waste time
patching the old ones. Patches attached.
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