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Erik Hanson erik at slackbuilds.org
Mon Apr 15 04:57:26 UTC 2013

On Sun, 14 Apr 2013 19:45:48 -0500
JB <yochanon at lavabit.com> wrote:

>   The problem: We got everything installed and when we go to build HandBrake, it
>   wants to download and install *all* the dependencies on its list - whether they're
>   already installed on the system or not!

You don't need to install the dependencies. You need to make sure you have ALL
of the files listed in the HandBrake.info file in the same directory as the
HandBrake.Slackbuild file. They will be copied into place by the SlackBuild
which will prevent the build process from auto-downloading everything.

Erik Hanson
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