[Slackbuilds-users] how do I enable the java plugin?

Matteo Bernardini matteo.bernardini at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 09:32:07 UTC 2013

2013/4/18 Rick McCombs AD5DU <rick.mccombs at gmail.com>

> I saw EXPOILT_ME but I wasn't sure if I was reading it correctly. It
> almost sounds like a joke.  I remember the java exploit found a few months
> ago
>  but I thought that was fixed. Is it really much of a risk on linux? What
> ever happened to java running in a sandbox?

Unfortunately it's not a joke at all: running the java plugin exposes you
to a lot of risks.
About things being fixed/not fixed it's better if you refer to Oracle's
developers, we simply offer a repackaging of their binary: for what I've
read security experts say that it's a because of a wrong architectural
design for java and that the only way to fix it would be to rewrite it from
scratch (I personally wouldn't wait for it).

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