[Slackbuilds-users] gksu set of packages not working

mancha mancha1 at hush.com
Fri Dec 6 19:41:52 UTC 2013

Aaditya Bagga <aaditya_gnulinux at ...> writes:
> hello, there seems to be a bug with the gksu set of packages 
> (libgtop+libgksu+gksu). they all built and installed, but I get an error 
> when I run it.
> Anyone knows a fix?
> (using slackware 14.1 64 bit with Xfce)


The problem you're having is due to "su -c" dropping the controlling
tty. I have posted my analysis and solution to LQ and am waiting for Pat
to weigh in:


In the meantime, your specific problem with gksu was reported by aszabo


Specifically, posts #22 & #23 outline the way I helped him solve it.


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