[Slackbuilds-users] Maintainer(s) needed for SlackBuilds

Nick Warne nick at linicks.net
Sat Dec 7 02:58:53 UTC 2013

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo wrote, On 07/12/13 02:51:
> Hash: SHA1
>> I might pop-in there soon, as wavemon (for me) still does not work
>> correctly on 14.1 - and nobody replied to me on the lists, so I will
>> see if someone can just do a double test for me.
>> I mailed the maintainer of current wavemon source, and he doesn't use
>> Slack nor could he really tell me how to debug ncurses stuff.
> Do you want to take it over?

No sorry, mis-commnication.  The maintainer of the source code of 
wavemon, not the SB maintainer.

> and what is the problem you are dealing with?

It worked fine on all Slacks I have had, but 14.1 upgrade breaks 
functionality for me - to long to explain here, but basically when 
changing from scan screen to any *other* screen ncurses 'noecho()' seems 
to get turned off and the only way to get out is interrupt Ctrl+c.

>> Haven't used IRC since the good old days pre-2004 :)
> I just recently joined IRC again after being summoned by Robby last
> month :)

I might as well do it now.  Let me get another beer.

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