[Slackbuilds-users] lots of checkum mismatches...

Christoph Willing c.willing at uq.edu.au
Wed Dec 11 21:20:15 UTC 2013

On 12/12/2013, at 5:03 AM, Miguel De Anda <miguel at thedeanda.com> wrote:

> i was updated a few packages using sbopkg and i got a bunch of these:
> google-talkplugin:
> Found google-talkplugin_current_amd64.deb in /var/cache/sbopkg.
> Checking MD5SUM:
>   MD5SUM check for google-talkplugin_current_amd64.deb ... FAILED!
>     Expected: 6372efc66aefe7d300452370ebdc50cd
>     Found:    fa6226c252cf6be4befa0f1025acb026
> i think i saw it for ffmpeg and dillo and a few others but i didn't keep track. are these checksums ever checked really or they are more of a legacy thing these days?

The MD5SUM field, and others in the .info file, aren't used in a "straight" build script i.e. running "sh xxxx.SlackBuild" doesn't reference xxxx.info at all. In that scenario, the whole .info file is a "legacy thing" or at least superfluous. However there are various build (and browsing) systems which may use any or all of the fields in a .info file. The fact that sbopkg picked up the differences shows that it looks at the MD5SUM field - if only to be informative. In automated build systems, its arguably a much more important find - you wouldn't want those systems to be blithely building packages from intentionally interfered with, or otherwise corrupted, source tarballs.


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