[Slackbuilds-users] SlackBuilds for input-wacom and xf86-input-wacom

John Vogel jvogel4 at stny.rr.com
Fri Dec 27 02:40:18 UTC 2013

I've put together SlackBuilds for the input-wacm (wacom kernel module) and xf86-input-wacom. I'm not sure that these should be added to SBo, but I wanted to give a 'heads-up' for these.
Recently, and in the past as well, I've run into having to build my own module/driver packages for wacom products. The support is actually quite quick compared to some hardware out there. But often, using a newer tablet means that the driver support may not get back-ported to the stable kernel trees for some time (not a complaint, just an observation). Since I'm accustomed to dealing with this, I decided to help a slacker on LQo by setting up theses two builds. I welcome input on this, especially since both packages either replace a part (input-wacom -- wacom.ko module) or all (xf86-input-wacom -- all) of a package that is installed by official Slackware installation.

The packages currently reside in my github repo:

John (j_v)

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