[Slackbuilds-users] -j make flag

B Watson yalhcru at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 19:46:33 UTC 2013

misc/nvclock and games/quakeforge both have "make -j1" followed by "make
install" without -j1, and both fail during the install when MAKEFLAGS
is set in the environment and contains e.g. -j8. Changing 'make install
DESTDIR=$PKG' to 'make -j1 install DESTDIR=$PKG' fixes them.

There are quite a few other builds that use -j1 for the make but not for
the install. I haven't tried building them all to see whether they're
affected by the same issue (the one I did test, system/twin, works fine
without the -j1 in the make install).

It's probably a good idea for new slackbuilds that need -j1 to go ahead
and use it in the make install step, too. It won't hurt anything, and
probably won't even slow things down (installing files is I/O bound,
not likely to be sped up by parallelization).

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