[Slackbuilds-users] Slackbuild Directories

Yaroslav Panych panych.y at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 09:57:08 UTC 2013

If I want to build into current directory I always do:
OUTPUT=$(pwd)/out TMP=$(pwd)/tmp PKGTYE=txz ./*.SlackBuild
But it cannot be defaulted because:
a) SlackBuild can be located on Read-Only storage(DVD/CD disk,
write-locked USB stoarge, or just ro mounted storage)
b) SlackBuild can be located on very slow(network share), write cycles
limited storage(USB sticks, some kinds of SSDs), so it is preferably
to do all work in faster environments.
Both problems is prevented by default now and I very happy of it.

About autoinstall:
No again. First of all, task of *.SlackBuild is to build package(this
is not Gentoo's ebuild).
Second: if it will be introduced we need mechanism to give personal
additional parameters to installer(including kind of installer to
Third: SlackBuild can do cross-compilation to different architecture,
and instant installation of built package will break host system. So
this function cannot be turned on by default.

Regards, Yaroslav

2013/2/1 John C. Gage <john at linux411.com>:
> Has there ever been a thought to modify the slackbuild script to configure,
> make and create the TXZ file in the same directory in which the SlackBuild
> script was run? Can the mod also automatically call installpkg and install
> the package all in one script?
> --

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