[Slackbuilds-users] MendeleyDesktop

Glenn Becker burningc at SDF.ORG
Mon Feb 18 15:43:11 UTC 2013

> I was unable to get the MendeleyDesktop SlackBuild to work, so wrote the 
> maintainer. He isn't using the app any more and encouraged me to take it 
> over if I wanted.
> So I am going to give it a shot.

I am having second (and third) thoughts about a SlackBuild for this 
application. Source code seems to no longer be available ... plus one 
has to log in to the Mendeley site to download the application. Maybe 
someone will correct me if I am wrong, but it doesn't seem to make 
much sense to me to make a SlackBuild for this.


Glenn Becker - burningc at sdf.org
SDF Public Access UNIX System - http://sdf.org

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