[Slackbuilds-users] unrar should be discontinued

Mario mario at slackverse.org
Sun Feb 24 18:21:33 UTC 2013

On 02/21/2013 02:23 AM, Robby Workman wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Feb 2013 23:51:39 +0100
> Mario <mario at slackverse.org> wrote:
>> On 02/20/2013 09:46 PM, Bojan Popovic wrote:
>>> @Matteo: Is libunrar built along with unrar? Or if not, does there
>>> exist an option to do so? If yes, that sounds sensible.
>>> I guess you are also suggesting to take over unrar (as you are the
>>> maintainer of libunrar)? If yes, I think that would be a good idea.
>>> Bojan.
>> unrar libraries are requirement for my other SlackBuild, and sadly
>> unrar maintainer did not reply to my email, so I was forced to create
>> libunrar SlackBuild :-/
>> libunrar can be part of rar or unrar packages, if someone wants to
>> make that happen let me know.
> If Nille is unresponsive (I hope he's okay and still using Slackware),
> and that seems to be the case based on two different people's failure
> to get a response from him, then it seems to me that you can have it.
> I think you wanted to put unrar within the libunrar build (or maybe
> vice versa), which would leave us with two builds:
>    1. rar (binary only)
>    2. unrar/libunrar
> That said, it seems to me that the right way to do it would be to
> keep the "unrar" name, make it install the unrar binary no matter
> what, and default to also installing the library.  That would be
> consistent with how most everything in Slackware is shipped:
> "app" contains "libapp" and any other associated "app*" files.
> Support a build flag to disable installation of the library
> (basically, this flag installs *only* the unrar binary), and it
> seems like everyone should be happy.
> -RW

Robby, sure, I can take over unrar SB and bundle libunrar, unless if 
Nille (CC) wants to do it himself. Personaly I do not mind handing over 
libunrar as long as it gets support and updates.

Nille, what are your thoughts?


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