[Slackbuilds-users] My SlackBuilds for 14.1

Petar Petrov petar.petrov at student.oulu.fi
Sun Oct 20 17:17:46 UTC 2013

Hi to all!

I tested my SlackBuilds on Slackware RC1, installed from AlienBob's iso from 18-Oct-2013. I pulled all SlackBuilds from GIT yesterday, 19 Oct. Here's the result:

EMBASSY         OK
EMBOSS          OK
Gblocks         OK
ImageJ          Fixed MD5SUM
PhyML           OK
QtiPlot         OK
aline           Fixed download link, perl-Tk breaks!
amplicon        OK
arka            OK
bowtie          OK
bwa             OK
cap3            OK
clustalo        OK
clustalw        OK
clustalx        OK
gchemutils      NEEDS UPDATE: gtkglext breaks, but ponce's builds; the update requires goffice 0.10.8, is it possible to get a version bump of it?
gelemental      OK
genpak          OK
gp2fasta        OK
ij-plugins-LOCI OK
ij-plugins-UCSD OK
isoelectric-point       OK
jalview         OK
lalnview        OK, fltk download link is dead!
mafft           OK
mkDSSP          OK
mrbayes         OK
muscle          OK
ncbi-blast      OK
ncbi-blast-plus OK
perlprimer      This is just repackaging, so should be OK, however perl-Tk breaks!
plasmidomics    OK
primer3         OK
seaview         OK, fltk13 download link is dead!
sequence-analysis       OK
spidey          OK
squizz          OK
staden          Needs and update for the download links of TCL and TK
t_coffee        OK
treeview        OK
ucsc-blat       OK
ugene           OK

xmms-wma        Fixed download link

clearlooks-classic-themes       OK
gtk1-industrial-engine  OK
gtk1-theme-switch       OK
murrine-themes          Fixed a download link
polar-cursor-themes     OK
protozoa-cursor-themes  Fixed the download links
slack-wallpapers        OK
thunar-sendto-clamtk    This is just repackaging, so should be OK, however dependency chain breaks at perl-Bit-Vector
xmms-skins-almond       OK
xmms-skins-ater         OK
xmms-status-plugin      OK

digger          OK
njam            OK
supertux2       OK

fyre            OK
gpaint          OK

PDFlib-Lite     OK
alglib          OK
io_lib          OK
muParser        OK
qt-assistant-compat     OK
tamu_anova      OK

bodr            OK
chemical-mime-data      OK
igal2           OK

gbgoffice       OK

perl-File-Find-Rule     OK
perl-Number-Compare     OK
perl-Text-Glob          OK

clamtk  This is just repackaging, so should be OK, however dependency chain breaks at perl-Bit-Vector
ktsuss  OK

I uploaded the 7 necessary updates here:


Dear admins, I hope this makes your work easier.



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