[Slackbuilds-users] Отговор: My SlackBuilds for 14.1

Petar Petrov petar.petrov at student.oulu.fi
Thu Oct 31 09:38:40 UTC 2013

hi Robby,

about gchemutils: the 0.12.13 version did not compile on RC1. The newest version (0.14.2) compiled fine. It requires an updated goffice, so I just did a simple version bump of 0.8.14 to 0.10.8. About gtkglext -- the slackbuild for 14.0 did not work for RC1, however the one from PONCE's unofficial SBo branch for -current compiled. And so, gchemutils 0.14.2 compiles fine on RC1. The new version of gchemutils did not install any schemas in /etc (don't know why), so i modified the doinst.sh

i don't have a fix for perl-Tk, i'll see what I can do on the weekend

about murrine-themes: yes, put it for 14.0 as well.


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