[Slackbuilds-users] About wireshark

Luiz Carlos Ramos lramos.prof at yahoo.com.br
Wed Aug 20 00:19:33 UTC 2014


This is only to inform that the slackbuild script (last version: 1.10.8)
for wireshark (last version: 1.12.0) is not delivering working binaries,
specially dumpcap. If one runs "dumpcap -D" or "dumpcap -L" (with root
account or with enough privileges), a seg fault occur after doing all
the stuff, precisely after the code is exiting to the OS.

I first guessed it to be a novel thing, but it seems to be quite old
(see, for instance,
So, the slackbuild script should have been already updated.

Anyway, in my case, it seemed sufficient to add this clause to the
CFLAGS definition:


Doing so, wireshark complies with the option chosen earlier for the
compilation of libpcap (that is, to use libnl3 rather than libnl), and
this seems to solve the problem.


Luiz Ramos
São Paulo - Brazil
lramos dot prof at yahoo dot com dot br

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