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Panagiotis Nikolaou hostmaster at slackonly.com
Mon Dec 22 15:51:38 UTC 2014


In awstats httpd-awstats.conf the settings is for apache 2.2
as a result all images request returning error 403,
and the images are not displayed on the awstats page...
This settings is also in the awstats docs page:


in apache 2.4must be:

# This is to permit URL access to scripts/files in AWStats directory.
# Allowing access only via local machine may be too restrictive so you can
# set Require ip directive below to allow access to AWStats
# via your local LAN. 
<Directory "/var/www/htdocs/awstats/wwwroot">
    Options FollowSymLinks ExecCGI
    AllowOverride None
-   Order allow,deny
-   Allow from all
+ Require all granted

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