[Slackbuilds-users] Install SlackBuild Package Where I Want To

Klaatu klaatu at straightedgelinux.com
Fri Feb 21 20:07:13 UTC 2014

I don't know how to use NetCDF so I cannot test it thoroughly, but this
worked for me:

cd /path/to/SlackBuild/netcdf
sed -i 's_/usr_/opt/netcdf/usr_g' netcdf.SlackBuild
su -c './netcdf.SlackBuild'

>From your email, it sounds like maybe you only replaced one instance of
(probably the prefix) /usr with /opt but there are multiple places where
things are being defined and where the absolute path /usr is being used
(like when man pages are copied in, etc). So sed is probably the better
choice here.

Hope that helps.


On 02/22/2014 06:45 AM, Thomas Ronayne wrote:
> Hi,
> Although I really appreciate SlackBuilds and all the work that goes into
> them and the efforts of everyone working on SlackBuilds I have one
> problem that I just can't get my head around -- how do I install a
> SlackBuild where I want to other than in the root tree?
> For example, I need NetCDF for use with the Generic Mapping Tools (GMT).
> I have always installed both GMT and NetCDF in /opt (they're both big
> and I don't want 'em in the root tree). That is also true of, say,
> OpenOffice -- or LibreOffice -- I don't want that stuff in the root, I
> want it in /opt.
> I've tried editing the SlackBuild (changing "usr" to "opt") and have had
> messy failures doing that; is the some easy way to specify the
> installation directory? Have I just missed something really, really basic?
> Thanks.
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