[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20140130.1

Erik Hanson erik at slackbuilds.org
Thu Jan 30 05:57:56 UTC 2014

Thu Jan 30 05:25:12 UTC 2014
academic/OWSLib: Updated for version 0.8.3.
academic/amplifx: Added (Manage, test and design your primers).
academic/freechartgeany: Updated for version 1.1.5.
academic/gchemutils: Updated for version 0.14.4.
academic/geoserver-control-flow: Updated for version 2.4.4.
academic/geoserver-css: Updated for version 2.4.4.
academic/geoserver-pyramid: Updated for version 2.4.4.
academic/geoserver-wps: Updated for version 2.4.4.
academic/geoserver: Updated for version 2.4.4.
academic/ij-plugins-LOCI: Updated for version 4.4.10.
academic/ncbi-blast-plus: Updated for version 2.2.29.
academic/pspp: Added (Free open source replacement of SPSS).
academic/rasterio: Updated for version 0.5.
academic/staden: Updated for version 2.0.0b10.
academic/suitesparse: Updated for version 4.2.1.
audio/alsacap: Added (ALSA device capability lister).
audio/azr3: Added (tonewheel organ simulator for jack).
audio/gmpc-plugins: Updated for version 11.8.16 + New Maintainer.
audio/gmpc: Updated for version 11.8.16 + New Maintainer.
audio/gtklick: Added (GUI metronome for JACK).
audio/jaaa: Added (spectrum analyser for JACK).
audio/japa: Added (audio spectrum analyser for JACK).
audio/jkmeter: Added (audio level meter for JACK).
audio/jnoise: Added (white and pink noise generator for JACK).
audio/klick: Added (metronome for jack-audio-connection-kit).
audio/midillo: Added (MIDI file tools).
audio/mktoc: Update dependency for python-chardet.
audio/puddletag: Updated for version 1.0.2.
audio/rakarrack: Fix distortion on x86_64.
audio/speex: Changed maintainer.
audio/xmms-jack: Added (xmms output plugin for jack).
audio/zita-ajbridge: Added (ALSA <=> JACK bridge).
audio/zita-dpl1: Added (limiter for jack-audio-connection-kit).
desktop/avant-window-navigator: Fixed unused variables.
desktop/awn-extras: Fixed unused variables.
desktop/compton: Added (X compositor).
desktop/dwm: Restore patches directory.
desktop/i3: Updated for version 4.7.2.
desktop/jwm: Fixed download link.
desktop/lxappearance: Updated for version 0.5.5.
desktop/matrixgl: Added (The Matrix Screensaver).
desktop/notion: Updated for version 3_2014010900.
desktop/plasma-widget-menubar: Added (Plasma Global Menu Support).
desktop/pyful: Added (Python file management utility).
desktop/redshift: Updated for version 1.8.
desktop/superkey-launch: Added (app launcher).
desktop/wmCalClock: Fixed download link.
desktop/wmMoonClock: Fixed download link.
desktop/wmclockmon: Added (windowmaker clock dockapp).
desktop/xtrlock: Added (minimal X display lock).
development/Editra: Added (A Developer's Text Editor).
development/PythonToolkit: Added (interactive environment).
development/SDL2: Updated for version 2.0.1.
development/SDL2_image: Added PNG Support.
development/Sphinx: Updated for version 1.2.1.
development/avr-gcc: New Maintainer.
development/brackets: Added (source code editor for web designers).
development/codeblocks: Fixed unused variables.
development/cppcms: Updated for version 1.0.4.
development/cppdb: Added (stand alone connectivity library).
development/dhex: Added (curses-based hex editor).
development/diakonos: Added (advanced console text editor).
development/golang-googlecode-gonet: Added (golang networking libs).
development/jdk: Updated for version 7u51.
development/kaaedit: Added (console text editor).
development/leo: Added (Leonine Editor with Outlines).
development/pasdoc: Updated for version 0.13.0.
development/pylint: Updated for version 1.1.0.
development/wxHexEditor: Updated for version 0.22 + New Maintainer.
games/angband: Updated for version 3.5.0.
games/bastet: Added (horribly difficult Tetris clone).
games/higan: Fixed symlink, cleanups, and download link.
games/ltris: Updated for version 1.0.19.
games/pokerth: Fix looking for libircclient's headers.
games/quakeforge: Fix building on i486 ARCH.
games/sms_sdl: Added (A Sega Master System and Game Gear Emulator).
games/xye: Updated for version 0.12.2.
games/yamagi-quake2: Updated for version 5.21.
graphics/darktable: Updated for version 1.4.
graphics/fim: Added (customizable and scriptable image viewer).
graphics/gifsicle: Added (CL tool for manipulating GIF images).
graphics/gnofract4d: Added (A program to create fractal images).
graphics/librecad: Updated for version 2.0.2.
graphics/oyranos: Updated for version 0.9.4 + New Maintainer.
graphics/pygifme: Added (simple command line tool to generate GIFs).
graphics/rawtherapee: Added (High Image Quality).
graphics/whyteboard: Fix desktop shortcut + Update README.
haskell/haskell-Crypto: Added (Collects cryptographic functions).
haskell/haskell-attoparsec: Added (Fast combinator parsing).
haskell/haskell-curl: Added (Haskell binding to libcurl).
haskell/haskell-hashable: Added (Hashable class).
haskell/haskell-hslogger: Added (Versatile logging framework).
haskell/haskell-scientific: Added (precision floating-point).
libraries/BeautifulSoup4: Added (Python HTML/XML parser).
libraries/IMAPClient: Added (IMAP client library).
libraries/Jinja2: Updated for version 2.7.2.
libraries/PySoundCard: Added (An audio library).
libraries/appmenu-qt: Added (Global Menu support for Qt).
libraries/audioread: Added (multi-library audio decoding).
libraries/avr-libc: New Maintainer.
libraries/cffi: Added (Foreign Function Interface for Python).
libraries/curses_ex: Added (additional curses functions).
libraries/discogs-client: Added (official client for Discogs).
libraries/enum34: Added (backported Python 3.4 Enum).
libraries/exiftool: Updated for version 9.46.
libraries/futures: Added (Java-style package for Python).
libraries/gst1-libav: Updated for version 1.2.2.
libraries/gst1-plugins-bad: Updated for version 1.2.2.
libraries/gst1-plugins-base: Updated for version 1.2.2.
libraries/gst1-plugins-good: Updated for version 1.2.2.
libraries/gst1-plugins-ugly: Updated for version 1.2.2.
libraries/gstreamer1: Updated for version 1.2.2.
libraries/imageloader: Added (An image loader library).
libraries/io_lib: Updated for version 1.13.3.
libraries/ipaddress: Added (IPv4/IPv6 manipulation library).
libraries/kaadbg: Added (Remote debugger runner for kaa).
libraries/libearth: Added (shared library for Earth Reader apps).
libraries/libmpd: Updated for version 11.8.17 + New Maintainer.
libraries/libssh2: Fixed HOMEPAGE link.
libraries/libvirt-python: Updated for version 1.2.1.
libraries/libvirt: Updated for version 1.2.1.
libraries/logilab-common: Updated for version 0.60.1.
libraries/luasocket: Fixed download link.
libraries/lunatic-python: Added (bridge between Python and Lua).
libraries/munkres: Added (Munkres algorithm in python).
libraries/mysql-connector-c++: Fixed library path on x86_64.
libraries/netcdf: Update MD5SUM.
libraries/pies2overrides: Added (Override classes with pies).
libraries/pies: Added (Simple way to write Py2 and Py3 program).
libraries/pyacoustid: Added (acoustic fingerprinting).
libraries/pycparser: Added (C parser in Python).
libraries/pyechonest: Added (Python interf. for Echo Nest APIs).
libraries/pyjf3: Added (Japanese text functions for Python 3).
libraries/pylast: Added (Python interface to Last.fm).
libraries/pymediainfo: Added (wrapper for mediainfo command line).
libraries/python-librtmp: Added (Python bindings for librtmp).
libraries/rtorrent-python: Added (A simple rTorrent interface).
libraries/setproctitle: Added (library to customize process title).
libraries/tDOM: License Update + Build New Extensions.
libraries/tcl-inotify: Added (Tcl inotify extension).
libraries/tff: Added (Terminal Filter Framework).
libraries/toro: Added (Synchronization primitives).
libraries/vtk: Added Qt Support + Fix x86_64 cmake.
libraries/web.py: Added (Web Framework).
libraries/wjelement: Updated for version 1.0.1.
libraries/xforms: Updated for version 1.2.3.
libraries/zend-opcache: Updated for version 7.0.3.
misc/dvtm: Updated for version 0.10.
misc/klibc: Added (small C library).
misc/po4a: Added (PO documentation format converter).
misc/qtkeychain: Added (Qt API to store passwords and secret data).
misc/rsibreak: Updated for version 0.11_git5e9d393.
misc/viking: Updated for version 1.5.
multimedia/OpenLP: Added (Open Source Worship Presentation).
multimedia/Poor-Mans-Spotify: Added (Search, Stream MP3).
multimedia/beets: Added (music tagger and library organizer).
multimedia/get_iplayer: Updated for version 2.85.
multimedia/google-earth: Fixed unused variables.
multimedia/mp3fm: Added icon + desktop shortcut.
multimedia/xvst: Updated for version 2.5.1.
network/DarTui: Added (rTorrent web interface).
network/EarthReader-Web: Added (Earth Reader for Web).
network/FireWorks: Added (FireWorks workflow software).
network/Free-Cinema: Added (Search, Download movies via Torrent).
network/ajaxplorer-sync: Removed (project renamed to pydio-sync).
network/canto: Update dependency for python-chardet.
network/chrony: Updated for version 1.29.
network/deluge: Update dependency for python-chardet.
network/elinks: Updated for version git20131231 + New Maintainer.
network/gns3: Updated for version 0.8.6 + New Maintainer.
network/ike: Added (Shrew Soft VPN Client for Linux and BSD).
network/livestreamer: Added (Stream Extrator).
network/netsurf: Added patch for scroll.
network/newsbeuter: Updated for version 2.8.
network/nxclient: Fixed download links.
network/offlineimap: Fixed unused variables.
network/phpmyadmin: Updated for version 4.1.4.
network/pydio-sync: Added (desktop sync client for Pydio).
network/pysub-dl: Added (Download movie subtitles automatically).
network/qupzilla: Updated for version 1.6.0.
network/ssvnc: Added (Adds encryption/security to VNC connections).
network/synergy: Updated for version 1.4.15.
network/tightvnc: Added (VNC viewing application).
network/torsocks: Fix lib path in torsocks.
network/urlwatch: Added (Watch web pages and URLs for changes).
network/vacuum-im: Updated for version 1.2.4.
network/wavemon: Updated for version 0.7.6 + New Maintainer.
network/weathercli: Added (A command line weather tool).
network/weighmail: Added (Labels your Gmail messages).
office/calibre: Updated for version 1.20.0.
office/gnucash: Updated for version 2.6.0.
office/marave: Added (A text editor).
office/muttprint: Added (Pretty printing of your mails).
office/qpdfview: Updated for version 0.4.8.
perl/perl-CPANPLUS-Dist-Build: Updated for version 0.76.
perl/perl-Encode-EUCJPASCII: Added (An eucJP-open mapping).
perl/perl-Encode-HanExtra: Added (Extra sets of Chinese encodings).
perl/perl-Encode-ISO2022: Added (JISO/IEC 2022 character encoding).
perl/perl-Encode-JISX0213: Added (JIS X 02I3 encoding).
perl/perl-IPC-DirQueue: Added (many-to-many queueing system).
perl/perl-Log-Log4perl: Added (Log4j implementation for Perl).
perl/perl-MIME-Charset: Added (Charset Information).
perl/perl-Proc-ProcessTable: Added (Process table Perl extension).
perl/perl-Text-CharWidth: Added (Column Computer).
perl/perl-Text-WrapI18N: Added (line wrapping module).
perl/perl-Time-Piece: Updated for version 1.27.
perl/perl-Unicode-LineBreak: Added (UAX #14 Unicode Line Breaking).
python/Flask: Added (Microframework).
python/Mako: Fixed download link.
python/PyInstaller: Added (Converts Python programs).
python/Pyro4: Updated for version 4.22.
python/argcomplete: Added (Bash tab completion for argparse).
python/argh: Added (An unobtrusive argparse wrapper).
python/args: Added (Command Arguments for Humans).
python/astroid: Added (new abstract syntax tree from Python's ast).
python/bitarray: Added (Efficient arrays of booleans).
python/clint: Added (Python Command-line Application Tools).
python/coverage: Added (Code coverage measurement for Python).
python/docopt: Added (Command-line interface description language).
python/frosted: Added (A passive Python syntax checker).
python/fudge: Added (Python module for using fake objects).
python/itsdangerous: Added (Various helpers to pass trusted data).
python/pilkit: Added (utilities and processors for PIL).
python/purl: Added (An immutable URL class).
python/py3cairo: Added (Python 3.x bindings for cairo).
python/py: Added (library with cross-python path).
python/pySmartDL: Updated for version 1.1.2.
python/pygame: Updated for version 1.9.1 + New Maintainer.
python/pytest: Added (simple powerful testing with Python).
python/python-chardet : Added (renamed from python2-chardet).
python/python-requests: Updated for version 2.2.0.
python/python-urllib3: Updated for version 1.7.1.
python/six: Updated for version 1.5.2.
python/soundcloud: Added (wrapper library for the Soundcloud API).
python/sql: Removed the pysetuptools dependency.
python/termcolor: Added Python3 support.
python/threadpool: Added pysetuptools as dependency.
python/tox: Added (virtualenv-based automation of test activities).
python/waitress: Added (Waitress WSGI server).
python/wsgiref: Added (WSGI (PEP 333) Reference Library).
ruby/ruby2: Updated for version 2.0.0_p353.
system/PySixel: Added (Make SIXEL color graphics).
system/TLP: Updated for version 0.4.1.
system/a2tools: Added (copy data to/from Apple II DOS 3.3).
system/autoarchive: Added (A simple backup utility).
system/backasa: Added (A Picasa Web Albums backup utility).
system/barman: Added (Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL).
system/bleachbit: Updated for version 1.0.
system/bochs: Updated for version 2.6.2, fixed linking on x86_64.
system/brasero: Updated for version 3.11.3.
system/cbmbasic: Added (Commodore BASIC V2 as a scripting language).
system/clamtk: Updated for version 5.03.
system/cpmtools: Added (access CP/M filesystem images or floppies).
system/d52: Added (disassembler for 8051/8052, 8041/8048, and Z80).
system/ddg: Added (DuckDuckGo zero-click api for your command-line).
system/dos33fsprogs: Added (Utilities for the Apple II DOS 3.3 FS).
system/elasticsearch: Added (distributed RESTful search engine).
system/em: Added (Highlight some PATTERN in terminal's STDOUT).
system/findcmd: Added (A command line tool for searching commands).
system/flashcards: Added (A simple command line flashcards utility).
system/fr: Added (command-line tool to print free resources).
system/gentoo: Added (file manager).
system/gtk-vnc: Script cleanup + New Maintainer.
system/idle3-tools: Added (Linux/Unix Utility for WD Drives).
system/info2man: Added (convert GNU info files into man pages).
system/kasp_updater: Added (updater for Kaspersky antivirus).
system/libscrypt: Updated for version 1.15.
system/logkeys: Added (a GNU/Linux keylogger that works).
system/mlterm: Added (Mlterm is a multilingual terminal emulator).
system/ncdu: Updated for version 1.10.
system/nmon: Added (Nigel's performance MONitor).
system/patool: Added (Portable Archive File Manager).
system/pmount: Added (mount removable devices as normal user).
system/polyglotman: Added (convert man pages to other formats).
system/read-edid: Added (read EDID information).
system/rename: Added (Renames files using regular expressions).
system/roxterm: Updated for version 2.8.1.
system/rtirq: Added (set priorities on kernel IRQ threads).
system/sentimental-skk: Added (Japanese Input Method SKK).
system/slack: Added (manage SBo packages in local repository).
system/termsaver: Added (Simple text-based terminal screensaver).
system/the_silver_searcher: Updated for version 0.19.1.
system/thermal_daemon: Updated for version 1.1_rc2.
system/trachet: Added (Step-by-step/realtime terminal debugger).
system/ts: Updated for version 0.7.4.
system/u3-tool: Added (utility for U3 flash drives, including SanDisk and Verbatim).
system/vagrant: Updated for version 1.4.3.
system/virtualbox-extension-pack: New Maintainer.
system/worker: Updated for version 3.3.0.
system/xen: Remove support for x86
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