[Slackbuilds-users] ffmpeg2theora compile fail, fix

B Watson yalhcru at gmail.com
Thu May 8 19:21:51 UTC 2014

With ffmpeg installed (version 2.1, what's in the 14.1 repo now):

src/ffmpeg2theora.c:1071:40: error: 'AVCODEC_MAX_AUDIO_FRAME_SIZE'
undeclared (first use in this function)
	int16_t *audio_buf=av_malloc(4*AVCODEC_MAX_AUDIO_FRAME_SIZE);

I've run into other software with this problem, that can be fixed by
adding -DAVCODEC_MAX_AUDIO_FRAME_SIZE=19200 to the CFLAGS. Tried that
here, it compiles, but fails to work, spits out an endless stream of
"[audioresample @ 0x6484c0] Audio sample format conversion failed" errors.

The fix is to upgrade to the latest git. I've made a tarball from the
git tree:


The existing SlackBuild works fine, call it as:

VERSION=0.29+git20140306 ./ffmpeg2theora.SlackBuild

The resulting package seems to work just fine, at least it converted my
test video without errors.

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