[Slackbuilds-users] Botan could not download source

Markus Reichelt ml at mareichelt.com
Sat Apr 18 14:42:17 UTC 2015

* Qun-Ying <zhu.qunying at gmail.com> wrote:

> Botan could not be built because the download URL no longer valid. 

I do not know the reason why Jack decided to relocate release
tarballs & only offer .tgz, even for older releases.  Anyhow, the
good stuff relocated to http://botan.randombit.net/releases/

> It seems Botan move its development to GitHub and use GitHub for
> source released.

There's a GH mirror. Check http://botan.randombit.net/vcs.html

> BTW, there is a new stable release for Botan 1.10.9

The script works just fine with that version.

I'd walk a mile for Tahoe-LAFS.

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