[Slackbuilds-users] Eric6 package

Rudson R Alves rudsonalves at yahoo.com.br
Sun Apr 19 15:29:12 UTC 2015

Hi again,

I build the eric6 python ide in my machine (eric4 last version will be 

But the eric6 has some requisites:

Ok: Python 3.1.0 or better -> solved by python3-3.4.3 from SlackBuilds

Ok:  Python 2.6.0 or better -> 2.7.5 in Slackware 14.1

Ok: Qt 5.3.0 or better (from Digia) -> solved by qt5-5.4.1 from SlackBuilds

Ok: Qt 4.10.0 or better (from Digia) -> 4.10.5 in Slackware 14.1

??: PyQt 5.3.0 or better (from Riverbank) -> I can make a PyQt5 SlackBuilds?

??: PyQt 4.10.0 or better (from Riverbank) -> 4.9.6 don't solve in 14.1

??: QScintilla 2.8.0 or better (from Riverbank) -> 2.6.1 don't solve in 14.1

How to proceed here?

Wait by Slackware news packages to upgrade PyQt and QScintilla?

And thanks from last answer Willy.

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