[Slackbuilds-users] screenfetch could not build

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo willysr at slackbuilds.org
Sun Feb 1 18:31:04 UTC 2015

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> I've never implied anything like that. I'm just asking for admin
> to leave trace in tte changelog if it exists embedded in the
> SlackBuild itself. If someone can fix the version in the script I
> guess he can, at the same expense, write 4 or 5 words which state
> that he changed it. That takes several seconds.

While i do agree that documentation is important, unfortunately in
this case, i can't promise anything.

One of the reason why we use GIT is because it can track all the
changes of the code from initial submission to the latest version.
Visit http://slackbuilds.org/cgit/slackbuilds and enter your package
name and you can see the history.

Writing 4-5 words might be a simple thing, but that only applies to
one package, while we have to deal with like +/- 70-100 submissions /
week. We do this work on our free time, so our main focus is to make
sure the scripts work.

If the maintainer wishes to make a self-documentation, that's fine. I
have seen some other maintainer do the same thing and it's a nice
thing to see, but that's just not our main priority.

This is my personal opinion though. Other admins might have different
opinion about this.

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