[Slackbuilds-users] Bug in Slack <--> IRC link

Røksund, Karl Gustav karl.gustav.roksund at pearson.com
Mon Feb 9 12:52:13 UTC 2015


If you do @channel in slack you guys send a message to the users connected
via IRC that look something like this:  *`@channel*: some fancy channel
message [cc: nickname]` but the problem is that ] is a valid nick
character, so the IRC clients don't highlight the mention :-(

The fix for this problem would of course just be to add a space between the
nickname and the ] so the message would become: *`@channel*: some fancy
channel message [cc: nickname ]`

Karl Gustav Røksund
Programmer Fronter - fronter.com
E: karl.gustav.roksund at pearson.com
M: +47 47 64 52 00
Pearson - Always Learning
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