[Slackbuilds-users] pitivi is broken (possibly beyond repair)

Klaatu klaatu at straightedgelinux.com
Fri Feb 27 03:36:15 UTC 2015

I have run the precompiled bundle (0.94) on Slack 14.1 (multilib and 64)
and I can confirm that it does work...at least as much as Pitivi ever
does. it's a single file; maybe the SlackBuild for it could just be
copying that file to /opt and generating a quick and dirty .desktop
file, or similar.

Or just drop it from SBo. Depends on how many people actually use it, I


On 02/27/2015 02:07 PM, Willy Sudiarto Raharjo wrote:
>> It seems that pitivi's age is really starting to show. It just
>> won't launch anymore, it may have broken when some dependent
>> package upgraded. I've had some users email me to see if I knew a
>> fix, sadly I can't seem to find one.  :-(
>> If someone would like to take over pitivi and get it working again 
>> that would be awesome. I spent hours trying to get a newer version
>> to build, only to realize that it had a LOT of dependencies that
>> weren't on SBo. Eventually I gave up. I'm not using pitivi anymore,
>> so if someone wants a good project, it is open!
> Have you tried the latest bundle?
> They provide a universal bundles in which they are probably
> pre-compiled binaries
> http://pitivi.ecchi.ca/bundles/
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