[Slackbuilds-users] Looking For Source

David Woodfall dave at dawoodfall.net
Fri Jul 17 23:01:28 UTC 2015

>> shed-1.15.tar.gz
>> xonclock-
>> goaccess-0.7.tar.gz
>> imwheel-1.0.0pre12.tar.gz
>> msmtp-1.4.31.tar.bz2
>> qbittorrent-3.1.12.tar.xz
>> rednotebook-1.1.6.tar.gz
>Here ya go
>> choqok-1.3.tar.bz2
>Are you sure you want 1.3? The repo version is 1.4

I forgotten that I'd handed over maintainership of choqok. I seem to
still have a local copy of it.

>Meanwhile, @sourceforge on the Twitters continues to plug random
>services (fsvo service) as if nothing has happened...

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