[Slackbuilds-users] sbodeps: heretically convenient dependency resolution for sbopkg

David Woodfall dave at dawoodfall.net
Fri Jun 26 15:59:33 UTC 2015

>Announcing sbodeps: a heretically convenient dependency resolver for sbopkg.
>It doesn't require generating and storing queue files in advance.
>Instead, it very quickly (roughly 100 times as fast as sqg[*]) does the
>dependency resolution for one or more packages on demand, and then
>(given -i) simply passes them to sbopkg on the command line as multiple
>-i arguments, in a correct build order, without involving a queue file
>at all.
>By default, if given only one or more package names, it outputs a build
>queue to standard output, but it can also store them. For installing a
>package and its dependencies while skipping the queue altogether, simply
>type "sbodeps -i mypackage" instead of "sbopkg -i mypackage". (And there
>is your rpm/deb-style automated dependency resolution. Blasphemy,
>right?) It also supports removing a package and its dependencies, with
>an appropriate warning. It's got a -h/--help option that explains the
>Perhaps someone will enjoy this. I might like to tweak this some more if
>anyone has ideas or wishes. Please send me any suggestions for
>improvement, or just fork it and hack away.
>Get it at: https://github.com/McDutchie/sbodeps

Looks useful. Nice to be able to get a list of deps before deciding on
whether to go-ahead with a build or not.


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