[Slackbuilds-users] unicap

Philip Lacroix philnx at posteo.de
Fri Mar 6 19:57:48 UTC 2015

Hi Klaatu & All,

Unicap's author and maintainer has accounts on GitHub and Launchpad as 
well, where the full code is (still) available:


He is (or used to be) the chief firmware developer for The Imaging 
Source cameras.

I contacted him a couple of weeks ago to submit a few patches for 
UCView, and the site was still active. Meanwhile, he implemented and 
committed better solutions for two of my patches: in fact, while fixing 
the related issues, the latter may cause small memory leaks. His changes 
fixed that and the original problems, however they introduced another 
issue on my Slackware 14.1 stock system which he wasn't able to 
reproduce (inability to open the device selection window from the main 
program menu), so I'm now waiting for a feed-back from him.


Am 06.03.2015 07:09 schrieb Klaatu:
> The site http://unicap-imaging.org, which hosts the unicap code, is
> returning an error that looks like a server mis-configuration or a
> hosting problem.
> I have contacted the contact for the site to offer him a new home for
> his site in the event that he's having issues, but in the meantime, I
> wonder if anyone has the 0.9.12 source code and wants to put it on a
> friends-of-slackbuilds site someplace? I can host files if needed, but 
> I
> know a lot of us have places to host.
> I'd do it myself, but I haven't got a copy of the source code.
> - klaatu

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