[Slackbuilds-users] requires slackbuild question

Klaatu klaatu at straightedgelinux.com
Sat Mar 14 01:19:29 UTC 2015

Personally, I figure that if they are not direct, literal dependencies,
then they should not be listed in the REQUIRES. So I would just refer
people to the README, and in the README, tell the user that if they are
installing the bible then they may want sword....and in the README of
sword, I would tell the user that sword is intended for use with the
Bible, and that if they install sword then they are also probably
looking for the bible, also available here at slackbuilds.org

I think that's the "right" way of doing it, because even though you
personally can only think of one reason anyone would want the sword
dict, you don't really know what people might use it for, so it's errant
to list either as a dependency.

Just my opinion, based on your background info. If I'm not understanding
their relationship, ignore me :)


On 03/14/2015 11:40 AM, Tim Dickson wrote:

> background:
> I am considering submitting a slackbuild for a bible and two
> dictionaries for the sword engine/library.
> sword is already in slackbuilds.org
> the sword library is non-functional without a bible, and a bible or
> dictionary for sword is useless without the sword engine/ library. The
> bibles and dictionaries are just zip files to be unpacked in a specific
> directory, so they are platform independent, and not source code
> dependant as far as creating them is concerned.
> question: What do folks recommend I should do for the requires section,
> if anything.?
> PS. Heinz Wiesinger, I emailed an updated slackbuild patch/version bump
> for sword to you. I don't know if you got it, but a number of current
> sword based programs require at least 1.7.0 or higher.
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