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Heinz Wiesinger pprkut at liwjatan.at
Wed Mar 25 20:20:21 UTC 2015

On Wednesday 25 March 2015 19:52:23 Tim Dickson wrote:
> I'm trying to contact Heinz Wiesinger about a version bump to sword
> slackbuild, as a newer version (>=1.7) is required for the current versions
> of bibletime and xiphos (gnomesword). I haven't had a reply for a couple of
> weeks so hope folks don't mind me mailing the list in the off-chance he
> sees it.
> Regards, Tim
> the updates are below, if it helps

Hi Tim,

Sorry for not getting back to you in time. I saw your original mail and put 
sword on my todo list, but forgot to to reply :/

I can probably take a look at it on the weekend, but honestly, at this point, 
if you use sword it might just be better off in your hands. I haven't used it 
in years. Choice is up to you. If you want it you can have it :)

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